What to expect

Each day is different. Each tour is different.

The Australian sea lions in Seal Bay are not domesticated. There are no cages or enclosures in this wild colony and no expectations are placed on the animals – their location and behaviour changes from day to day.

A visit to Seal Bay gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beautiful surrounds of this colony – white sands, blue skies, unspoiled vistas – to learn about the endangered sea lions from our very experienced guides, at a safe distance.

On a guided tour, guides lead you down off the tour platform and onto the beach. For safety reasons your group will stay together at all times. Remember this is a colony of wild animals, and the protective bulls can weigh up to 350kg.

This is a true nature adventure so you never really know what to expect, but circumstances permitting, your group could get within 10 metres of the sea lions.

In winter, the sea lions tend to move back into the sand dune system for warmth so sometimes you’ll come across them in the strangest of places. They have been spotted underneath the boardwalk, on the path leading down to the beach, even up by the visitors centre!

Please be aware that it is illegal to leave the boardwalk or to visit the beach at any time without a guide. It is also illegal (and potentially dangerous) to touch the animals.