Professional filming and photography

As one of Australia’s premier wildlife attractions, Seal Bay receives hundreds of filming requests every year.

Due to the nature and sensitivity of the site, it is important that all filming and photography at Seal Bay is carried out in a way that is least disruptive to the sea lion population. In most instances a filming permit is required. You should apply for this several weeks before you intend to visit. There may also be fees involved.

Other factors to consider:

  • If you wish to film on the beach, a guide must accompany the crew at all times, and this guide must be included in the footage/photograph.
  • No activities may be filmed/photographed that violate the National Parks and Wildlife Act (for example, fires or alcohol on the beach).
  • Crews must maintain a distance of at least 10 metres from the seals (this distance may increase during breeding season).

For further information please contact Flinders Chase National Park at