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National parks

The natural, rugged beauty of Kangaroo Island (KI) is preserved through a system of national and conservation parks that cover almost one third of the island. The parks conserve beautiful natural environments home to a huge range of wildlife.

There are so many things to see and do in the national parks of KI. They preserve the island’s most precious and most notable natural assets, including the must see natural wonders of Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch.

A Kangaroo Island Parks Pass gives you unlimited entry to KI's parks including Flinders Chase National Park.

It also gives you access to a range of tours and attractions, such as:

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Please be aware that pets are not allowed at Seal Bay or within any national park area on Kangaroo Island (including car parks). This is to protect both the island’s natural habitat and wildlife, as well as care for your pet. In addition to wandering sea lions who sometimes visit our car park to keep warm, your pet may encounter snakes and hookworms/parasites, as well as experience extreme temperatures in the summer months.


Drones are not permitted at Seal Bay or within any national park on Kangaroo Island. This is to support animal welfare, as sea lions and coastal birds/raptors may be perturbed; protect public safety and minimise the risk of fire.