Leave no trace

We are for­tu­nate in South Aus­tralia to have so many beau­ti­ful nation­al parks to bush­walk, ride, camp and stay in and it’s vital that we cher­ish and pro­tect them.

When you vis­it parks leave no trace that you were there.

Pro­tect our nation­al parks by:

  • Tak­ing your rub­bish with you: No bins are avail­able in parks. By bring­ing your rub­bish home, you allow our ded­i­cat­ed rangers and park staff to focus more on con­ser­va­tion and vis­i­tor assistance.
  • Camp­ing mind­ful­ly: Stick to des­ig­nat­ed camp­ing zones.
  • Cher­ish­ing our lega­cy: Safe­guard marine sanc­tu­ar­ies and geo­log­i­cal, cul­tur­al and her­itage sites.
  • Let­ting wildlife be wild: Do not feed, dis­turb, or remove native flo­ra and fauna.
  • Fol­low­ing the path: Always use defined tracks and walk­ing trails.
  • Being con­sid­er­ate: Share the space with oth­er visitors.
  • Being respon­si­ble with pets: If you’re in one of the 17 parks where dogs are per­mit­ted and your fur­ry friend needs to to go, make sure you clean up after them and take the rub­bish with you.
  • Help­ing us to fight phy­toph­tho­ra, a soil and water­borne fun­gus that is a real threat to our plants. Help us keep it at bay by stick­ing to paths and clean­ing your boots. Every step counts in pro­tect­ing our flora.

Thank you for tread­ing light­ly and respect­ing local cul­ture to ensure future gen­er­a­tions can enjoy these spe­cial places too.

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