Multiple Entry Parks Passes

Vehi­cle entry fees apply to enter some parks in South Aus­tralia, but not all parks. If you are plan­ning on vis­it­ing a num­ber of nation­al parks or you are some­one who vis­its parks reg­u­lar­ly, mul­ti­ple entry parks pass­es can offer you val­ue for mon­ey and convenience.

Mul­ti­ple Entry Parks Pass­es cov­er your vehi­cle entry to select­ed parks, allow­ing you to enter as many times as you like with­in a des­ig­nat­ed peri­od of time. Hav­ing a Mul­ti­ple Entry Parks Pass means you don’t need to book your vehi­cle entry online every time you enter one of these parks.

Types of Mul­ti­ple Entry Parks Passes

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Do you just need sin­gle day vehi­cle entry?

If you are just vis­it­ing a park once, you do not need to buy a Mul­ti­ple Entry Parks Pass.
Buy sin­gle day vehi­cle entry.

For Desert Parks Pass enquiries, please call (+618) 8648 5328.

For more infor­ma­tion about pass­es, con­tact our vis­i­tor ser­vice cen­tre via email.