Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail

One of Australia’s great walks

Nature's secrets are waiting to be discovered at every step of the five-day trek, with the trail weaving its way through the most botanically unique area in all of South Australia before reaching the rugged, remote and spectacular coastline of the Southern Ocean. The unimaginable beauty of this part of the world has to be seen to be believed. Come and discover the magic for yourself.

Fire Recov­ery Experience

This once-in-a-life­time expe­ri­ence allows walk­ers to see the Kan­ga­roo Island Wilder­ness Trail envi­ron­ment as it’s nev­er been seen before.

The Kan­ga­roo Island Wilder­ness Trail suf­fered sig­nif­i­cant dam­age in the bush­fires that dev­as­tat­ed com­mu­ni­ties in the sum­mer of 2019 – 20. In the first steps of recov­ery, a mod­i­fied Kan­ga­roo Island Wilder­ness Trail has reopened for walk­ers host­ed by our licensed tour oper­a­tors.

Wit­ness the land­scape unmasked’ and expe­ri­ence the beau­ty of regen­er­at­ing plants, eas­i­er wildlife spot­ting and vis­tas that pre-fire veg­e­ta­tion nev­er allowed.

For more infor­ma­tion con­tact Nation­al Parks and Wildlife Ser­vice South Aus­tralia – Kan­ga­roo Island on 0428 111 792 or email DEW.​KIWTadmin@​sa.​gov.​au.

Loca­tion: South-west Kan­ga­roo Island | Dis­tance / Time: 61km / 5 Days
Class 4 Hike: Bush­walk­ing expe­ri­ence rec­om­mend­ed
Best time to go: March until November

National Parks and Wildlife Service South Australia
Watch the welcome tour

Watch the welcome tour