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Book and pay FAQs

Book and pay FAQs


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Online Bookings FAQs 

Why book online?

The booking system makes securing your campsite, accommodation and facility hire easy and fair. Your site is reserved for just for you, no matter what time you get to the park. It allows you to book a site up to 12 months in advance without stressing if you will actually get a site when you arrive.

Many park visitors want the convenience of booking and paying online. This means you don’t have to carry the correct amount of cash to pay at the old payment stands.

How do I book online?

Go to the Book and pay page or select the Book & pay button on each individual park page.

Where can I book and pay in person?

Booking agents can assist you with making a booking and paying your vehicle entry, in cash or by card. 

Agents cannot cancel, amend or issue refunds to bookings.

Agents can not always provide park specific information i.e. what campgrounds look like or if your vehicle is suitable for different tracks. They are re-sellers of parks products and not necessarily parks experts. If you require park specific information please contact us online, via Facebook or the local Natural Resource Centre during business hours.

I have a Park Pass, do I need to book online?

Yes, you will need to book and pay online for camping, accommodation and facility bookings.

If you are visiting the park for the day (but not camping), you do not need to book online. Please ensure that your Park Pass is clearly displayed on the passenger side of your vehicle dashboard while at the park. Find out more about Parks Passes.

What if I am hiring a car and don't know the vehicle registration number?

When going through the booking process please enter the words 'HIRE CAR' in the vehicle registration field.

I am hiking/cycling and camping in a national park, as I don't have a vehicle what do I enter in the vehicle registration field when booking?

When going through the booking process please enter the words 'HIKER' or 'CYCLIST' in the vehicle registration field. 

What if I want to make a last-minute camping trip?

Jump online before you leave home or be sure to book on the way while your smartphone still has coverage.

You will receive an instant booking confirmation email.

What if need to change my confirmed booking?

Use the link in your email confirmation of your booking to request a 'change of reservation'. Please refer to the terms and conditions on your itinerary.

I can’t find/didn’t get my booking confirmation, who do I contact?

Mount Remarkable National Park
Phone (during business hours): (+61 8) 8841 3400

Dhilba Guuranda-Innes National Park
Phone (during business hours): (+61 8) 8854 3200

Limestone Coast parks
Phone (during business hours): (+61 8) 8735 1177

Deep Creek Conservation Park
Phone (during business hours): (+61 8) 8552 0300

Kangaroo Island parks 
Phone (during business hours): (+61 8) 8553 4444

Belair National Park 
Phone (during business hours): (+61 8) 8278 5477

Eyre Peninsula parks
Phone (during business hours): (+61 8) 8688 3111 

Desert parks
Phone (during business hours): (+61 8) 8648 5300 

SA Arid Lands parks
Phone (during business hours): (+61 8) 8648 5300

River Murray/Mallee parks
Phone (during business hours): (+61 8) 8580 1800 

How can I request a refund for my booking?

You can request a refund for your booking because of COVID-19. Email us at to request a refund. Please provide your booking itinerary number and the reason for the refund request.

Am I entitled to a concession price?

Concession prices are available for park entry fees, tours and park passes (excluding Desert Parks Pass). To be entitled to a concession, you must hold one of the following cards:

  • Australian Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card
  • Australian Commonwealth Health Care Card
  • Australian Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card
  • Full Time Australian Secondary or Tertiary Student Card
  • Seniors Card issued by an Australian State or Territory
  • South Australian State Concession Card

There are many ‘black spots’ in parks, how do I make a booking without mobile phone network coverage?

This has been taken into consideration in the roll out of the online booking system.  Park signage has been updated to inform visitors that campsites must be booked and paid online. If you are unable to book and pay online you can do so in person at one of our booking agents.

How do I give feedback on the system?

We welcome your feedback. Please email us at

General booking FAQs

If I'm staying in a national park for more than one day do I need to pay entry each day or just once?

If you are staying within a national park you only need to pay entry once, this remains valid until you leave the park. 

If I am travelling in and out of a national park on different days do I need to pay for entry every time?

Yes, if you are not staying within a national park and plan to visit more than once you will need to pay for entry each time you enter the park.

Can there be more than one vehicle in a campsite?

Camp site descriptions will provide the number of vehicles permitted per site. Each vehicle on the site is required to pay the vehicle entry fee (if applicable) and camping fee for that camp site. If you wish to add an additional vehicle to an existing reservation please contact the local regional office by phone or email.

Do I need to print and display a receipt?

We do recommend printing a copy or saving it to your smart phone for your own reference during your trip.

Park staff have a record of bookings and vehicle registration numbers.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

The check-in time for camp sites is 12 noon and the check-out time is 11am.

What if someone is camping in the site I have booked?

It will take some time for all visitors to learn about the booking process. If you arrive at your campsite to find it is already occupied, we recommend showing the other campers your booking confirmation email.

Double booking of campsites is not possible and signage around the parks clearly state that online bookings are required for camping.

Who will police campsite bookings? 

The aim is to provide clear information to visitors so campsites do not need to be policed. The booking system sends visitors a confirmation email with dates and details of the sites they have booked. There will be no ‘reserved’ signs on campsites. Allocated campsites will be clearly numbered, so people unfamiliar with the campground should not have trouble finding the site they have booked.

How much are park entry and camping fees?

Park entry and camping fees vary from park to park. Visit the book now page to explore pricing for various parks and facilities.

How do I find out if there any park closures? 

Entry to parks, reserves and campgrounds may be restricted from time to time due to safety, catastrophic fire danger, conservation or operational requirements. For information on closures check closures and alerts.

Multiple entry park passes

How many people does a park pass cover?

Multiple entry park passes (excluding Kangaroo Island Tour Pass) are valid for private vehicles up to eight seats. They are not valid for taxis, buses or mini-buses. 

Kangaroo Island Tour Passes are only valid for the person named on the pass and are not transferable to another person.

Are camping fees included in park passes?

Camping fees are only included in the Desert Parks Pass.

How do I book a campsite?

Campsites can be booked online or in person through one of our booking agents. If you hold a park pass, the vehicle entry fee will be removed from the total fee at time of booking (if applicable).

Do I still need to book online if I have purchased a park pass?

No, if you have a purchased a park pass you only need to display your pass on your dashboard when visiting the park. However, camping sites must be booked in advance

Which parks are included in the 2 and 12 month vehicle entry for multiple parks pass?

The 2 and 12 month vehicle entry for multiple parks pass included unlimited vehicle entry for the pass duration to the following parks:

Which parks is the 12 month vehicle entry for a single park pass available for?

The 12 month vehicle entry for a single park pass is available for the following parks:

Do I need a Desert Parks Pass? 

The Desert Parks Pass is mandatory if you are planning to travel into Munga-Thirri–Simpson Desert Conservation Park and Regional Reserve or are travelling east of Dalhousie Springs in Witjira National Park.

Day vehicle entry and camping is available for all other Desert Parks. 

Which parks are included in the Desert Parks Pass?

The Desert Parks Pass includes vehicle entry and camping within the following parks:

What is included with the Desert Park Pass?

This pass entitles 12 months of unlimited vehicle entry and camping fees to selected desert parks. You'll also receive a handbook and maps. You are required to travel with your handbook at all times whilst traveling in Munga-Thirri–Simpson Desert Conservation Park and Regional Reserve and Witjira National Park (east of Dalhousie Springs). 

I have a Desert Pass Pass, how do I book camp sites?

Bookings are required for camping in desert parks (excluding Munga-Thirri–Simpson Desert Conservation Park and Regional Reserve). Bookings need to be made in advance of travel and through the online booking system. When booking online you will be asked to enter your Desert Park Pass number. The online booking system will waive the camping fees and provide you with a booking confirmation email after checkout is completed.

Bookings are not required for camping in Munga-Thirri–Simpson Desert Regional Reserve and Munga-Thirri–Simpson Desert Conservation Park.

Can I request a refund for a Desert Park Pass?

Refunds for unused Desert Parks Passes are only available in specific circumstances. These are explained in the terms and conditions.

What if weather delays my travel to Desert Parks?

If your trip has been delayed due to weather or road closures, contact the Desert Parks Administration Officer in Port Augusta on (08) 8648 5300 or

How do I find out about current road conditions in Desert Parks?

It is recommended you monitor weather, river and outback road conditions leading up to your departure. View the latest outback road warnings or read the latest version of the Desert Parks Bulletin.

What is included in the Kangaroo Island Tour Pass?

The Kangaroo Island Tour Pass is currently not available to purchase.

The Kangaroo Island Tour Pass entitles you 12 months access to Flinders Chase National Park, as well as admission to the following Kangaroo Island tours:

Read more about Kangaroo Island Tour Passes

I have purchased a Kangaroo Island Tour Pass, do I need to book the tours?

Some of the tours included in the Kangaroo Island Park Pass are able to be booked in advance, while others are ‘pay on arrival’ tours.

Note – a Kangaroo Island Tour Pass is not a guarantee of tour availability or participation. Tour places are limited and can book out. During peak periods and school holidays, delays may be experienced. 

Can I transfer my Kangaroo Island Tour Pass to someone else?

Kangaroo Island Tour Passes are not transferable and can only be used by the person nominated on the pass.