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Park management

What to do if you find an injured animal

Within a National Park

If you find a native injured animal within a National Park, please report this directly to the local Natural Resources Centre.

Outside of a National Park

If you find a native, injured, animal outside of a park, please contact a local wildlife rescue group.

Here are some wildlife rescue organisations to get you started:

Rescuing wildlife yourself

You can rescue a sick, injured or orphaned, native animal from the wild if it needs care and treatment. If you intend to care for a native animal that you have rescued, and if that animal is likely to be in your care for longer than four weeks, you will need a Rescue Permit.

A permit not required when the animal is:

  • An introduced species (not native to Australia)
  • Classed as an unprotected native species
  • To be returned to the wild within 4 weeks

The welfare of the rescued animal is vitally important.  If you do not have the necessary skills or experience to care for the animal, please seek advice or give the animal to an experienced carer.

For more information or to apply for a rescue permit, visit Rescue Permits – protected animals.