A family sit by a campfire next to a small blue tent. Behind them is the Flinders Ranges.

Value of SA's Parks

Our state’s parks and reserves are central to the lives of South Australians and the experience of our visitors. These special places are not only spectacular destinations, but are the cornerstone of conserving our state’s biodiversity. They bolster regional economies and help to make South Australia great.

South Australia has completed a study into the economic value of SA’s national parks and reserves. The report quantifies, for the first time, how South Australia’s national parks and reserves contribute to our economy.

The innovative study used real visitor data and contemporary economic analyses to determine the economic value of nature-based tourism in the state’s parks and reserves. This work provides South Australia with valuable insights and will enable us to track that economic contribution in future years.

Read the findings:

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This study was a collaboration between the Department for Environment and Water and the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Global Food and Resources, School of Economics and Public Policy.

The study was peer reviewed by Honorary Associate Professor, University of Queensland Thilak Mallawaarachchi

Further studies

The study provides both an indicative and conservative estimate of the economic value of South Australia’s parks from nature-based tourism – but we know these benefits are only part of the story.

South Australia’s national parks provide multiple benefits beyond the nature-based tourism economic value. Future studies will investigate the contribution of health, wellbeing and ecosystem benefits that support social, environmental and economic prosperity for South Australians.