Campfires and BBQs

Campfires and BBQs

Which parks allow campfires?

Many nation­al parks do not allow sol­id fuel fires (wood and char­coal) at any time, how­ev­er there are also many that do allow them at cer­tain times of the year. To find out which parks allow camp­fires use our find a park tool and check the box for Camp­fires (sea­son­al restric­tions apply)’ in the fil­ters; this will dis­play all the parks which allow camp­fires. You can also check this full list of park fire restric­tions.

Please note, you need to bring your own fire­wood as the col­lec­tion of fire­wood with­in nation­al parks is pro­hib­it­ed. Please ensure the fire­wood is free from dirt and weeds, to avoid bring­ing pest species into the park.

How can you be safe around a campfire?

If you’re look­ing for­ward to snug­gling around a camp­fire on your next camp­ing trip, know that there are some impor­tant rules and safe­ty mea­sures you need to fol­low to make sure you and our nat­ur­al envi­ron­ments stay safe.

Which parks allow barbecues?

Many nation­al parks, but not all, allow gas and liq­uid fuel fires, such as bar­be­cues, through­out the year. Most parks do not allow any type of fire on days of Total Fire Ban. Find out what’s allowed before you go by search­ing our web­sitefor the park you’re vis­it­ing and check the safe­ty infor­ma­tion, or check the full list of park fire restrictions.

You can bring your own bar­be­cue or use one of our bar­be­cue facil­i­ties. To find out which parks have bar­be­cue facil­i­ties use our find a park tool and refine your search to​‘BBQ facil­i­ties’; this will dis­play all the parks which have bar­be­cue facil­i­ties avail­able for pub­lic use.

Total Fire Ban days

All fires and most bar­be­cues (includ­ing gas and liq­uid fuel) are not allowed on days declared by the CFS as Total Fire Ban. Some parks with fixed bar­be­cue facil­i­ties do still allow them to be used on Total Fire Ban days, as long as the park has not been closed. To find out whether a Total Fire Ban has been declared in the area of the park you are vis­it­ing refer to the South Aus­tralian Coun­try Fire Ser­vice (CFS) web­site or call the CFS Bush­fire Infor­ma­tion Hot­line on 1800 362 361 or con­tact the rel­e­vant park office dur­ing office hours. Refer to the find a park tool or the full list of park fire restric­tions to see if the park you are vis­it­ing has fixed bar­be­cue facil­i­ties that can be used on Total Fire Ban days.

Park clo­sures for fire dan­ger and pre­scribed burns

Find out about pre­scribed burns or any park clo­sures due to fire dan­ger on our Fire pages.