Park closure descriptions

DEW makes every effort to give as much notice as possible before closing a park, however closures may occur at short notice when necessary.

Part or all of a park may be closed, or access restricted to certain facilities at any time for one or more of the following reasons:

Pest/Animal control

For public safety while measures are being taken to control or monitor animals or pests in the area.

Bushfire or emergency

For public safety when an active, unplanned fire or other emergency occurs in the area. Following a bushfire or emergency, access may continue to be restricted for public safety reasons and/or conservation management purposes.

Smoke may be visible in the area.

Find out more about Bushfire Survival Plans on the CFS website.

Prescribed burn

To help ensure that the prescribed burn is conducted safely and effectively. The closure may occur prior, during or after a prescribed burn conducted by DEW.

Smoke may be visible in the area.

Find out more about:

Fire danger

For public safety when high fire danger is forecast.

You can check the current fire danger rating and fire bans in your area on the CFS website.

Find out more about Bushfire Survival Plans on the CFS website.

Seasonal closure

A closure that occurs at approximately the same time every year for public safety, proper management or maintenance.

Public safety

When an event, other than the types listed above, occurs that poses a risk to public safety.

Examples include:

  • flooding - the presence of floodwaters or the damage caused by floodwaters
  • forecast severe weather
  • erosion/subsidence - as a result of extreme weather
  • maintenance works - roads or infrastructure being wholly or partly inaccessible or the presence of machinery
  • damage to infrastructure - as a result of extreme weather events or vandalism.

Proper management

For reasons other than those types listed above that support the objectives of management of the park.

Examples include:

  • preservation and management of wildlife
  • preservation of historic sites, objects and structures of historical or scientific interest
  • preservation and protection of Aboriginal sites, features, objects and structures of spiritual or cultural significance.
  • facilitation of Native Title Holders in exercising their traditional rights.

Protect threatened species breeding habitat