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Lilly – Interpretive Officer

How did you come to this job?

I had been managing holiday accommodation on Kangaroo Island for about 2 years and was looking for a change. Some friends encouraged me to apply for a position working in national parks, so I applied for a job in 2007. I have been at Seal Bay ever since.

What do you most like about your work?

Each day I get to take visitors on a truly unique and amazing experience – I get to guide them through an Australian sea lion colony! Almost every day someone tells me that I have an incredible job. That is pretty special.

We have an amazing team of dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable people at Seal Bay, Working with them is also something I like most!

What’s the most amazing thing you’ve seen at work?

Once I saw a sea lion giving birth. My office is the wild southern coastline of Kangaroo Island. Sometimes it feels more like a privilege than work.

What fascinates you about the Australian sea lion?

The Australian sea lion is a species different from all others – the way they forage, their gestation cycle and their site fidelity. It fascinates me to watch a creature that we are still learning so much about. Because they are an endangered species, I want to learn more about what we can do to protect their habitat and population.

What’s your favourite thing to do in your own time?

I love to hang out on one of the many beautiful beaches we have on Kangaroo Island. I spend hours swimming and playing in the sand during the warmer months, watching my partner surf, and looking for beach treasures with my children.