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Commercial Tour Operator (CTO) Licences are available for periods from two months to five years. The fees listed below are based on administrative costs and with the exception of the two month option will expire on 31 March of the relevant year, regardless of when the licence is issued.

Licence costs are as follows:

  • The 2 month licence fee is $251
  • The licence fee for a 1 year licence is $358
  • The licence fee for a 3 year licence* is $861
  • The fee for a 5 year licence* is $1,363.

*Please note three and five year licences are only issued if the tour operator holds a relevant 'Green Accreditation' Certificate. Please see the Becoming a Tour Operator page for further details.

All licence fees are GST exempt.

Visitor use fees also apply to clients of commercial operators in parks and reserves. See the list of licence and visitor use fees for the current licence period. Please note that other fees and charges may apply to your commercial licence. For more information about specific fees and charges in other parks, please contact DEW Parks Licensing and Events on (08) 8204 9060.

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