Wuldi Krikin Ngawanthi (Eagle Waterhole)

Wild South Coast Way on the Heysen Trail

Pronounced Wool-dee Krik-ren Ngah-wun-thee and located on the Heysen Trail in Deep Creek National Park, this is a hiker-only campground. Nestled amongst shady gum trees and iconic yaccas, this campground gives a real sense of being in the wilderness. Fern-lined gullies, cascading waterfalls and a spectacular coastline of cliffs and secluded coves are all a short journey from here. Facilities include a camp shelter with tables, bench and basin and nearby toilet. Campfires prohibited at all times. Camping capacity is maximum 20 guests with 10 allocated campsites (maximum 2 people per site). Campsites are raised timber platforms or compacted earth. Unpowered. This is a hiker-only campsite with no vehicle parking or access.

If you are leaving a vehicle in Deep Creek National Park overnight, you must pay a one-off vehicle day entry fee for camping in the park. Vehicles may only be parked at day visitor areas.

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