Montacute Conservation Park

Montacute Conservation Park

Montacute Conservation Park and Kennith Stirling (Burdetts Scrub) Conservation Park will be closed from 6pm Sunday 17 March 2024 until 6pm Friday 22 March while pest animal control is undertaken. Details

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Free entry
22.13km from Adelaide
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Mon­ta­cute Con­ser­va­tion Park’s 200 hectares of rem­nant bush­land is sep­a­rat­ed by sev­er­al small creeks, and is home to an abun­dant array of birdlife.

Veg­e­ta­tion in the park varies great­ly from the low­er to high­er slopes. The creek line is dom­i­nat­ed by riv­er red gums with a low under­storey of grass­es and exot­ic plants. The high­er slopes sup­port stringy­barks and blue gums.

The Hey­sen walk­ing trail winds its way through the park’s native veg­e­ta­tion to the high­er slopes and offers excel­lent views of the sur­round­ing area.

Along the walk­ing trails you may dis­cov­er out­crops of Pre­cam­bri­an dolomite rocks more than 570 mil­lion years old, or on the east­ern side of the park, an out­crop of Stonyfell quartzite.