Fires and BBQs

Which parks allow campfires?

Many national parks do not allow solid fuel fires (wood and charcoal) at any time. To find out which parks allow campfires use our find a park tool and refine your search to ‘Campfires (seasonal restrictions apply)’, this will display all the parks which allow campfires.

Many national parks allow gas and liquidfuel barbeques throughout the year, some even allow camp fires, apart fromon days of Total Fire Ban. Each park is unique. Find out what’s allowed before you go by searching our website for the park where you're staying and check the safety information. You can also check this full list of park fire restrictions.

Please note, you need to bring your own firewood as the collection of firewood within national parks is prohibited. Please ensure the firewood is free from dirt and weeds, to avoid bringing pest species into the park.

How can you be safe around a campfire?

If you’re looking forward to snuggling around a campfire on your next camping trip, know that there are some important rules and safety measures you need to follow to make sure you and our natural environments stay safe.

Which parks allow barbecues?

Many national parks, but not all, allow gas and liquid fuel fires, such as barbeques, throughout the year (apart from on days of Total Fire Ban). Each park is unique, please check the safety tab on the individual park page for rules specific to that park. Or refer to the full list of park fire restrictions .

You can bring your own barbeque or use one of our barbeque facilities. To find out which parks have barbeque facilities use our find a park tool and refine your search to ‘BBQ facilities’, this will display all the parks which have barbeque facilities.

Total Fire Ban days

All fires and barbecues (including gas and liquid fuel) are not allowed on days declared by the CFS as Total Fire Ban. To find out whether a Total Fire Ban has been declared for the park you are visiting refer to the South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS) website or call the CFS Bushfire Information Hotline on 1800 362 361 or contact the relevant Natural Resource Centre during office hours.

Park closures for fire danger

South Australian national parks are closed on days of Catastrophic Fire Danger and may also be closed on days of Extreme Fire Danger. You can determine the current fire danger rating by checking the Fire Ban District map on the CFS website.

Prescribed burns

Prescribed burns are part of the Department for Environment and Water's fire management program. Prescribed burning is the controlled use of fire to a particular area of landscape. The aim is to reduce fire fuel hazards, manage native vegetation and protected biodiversity in strategic areas of South Australia's parks and reserves.

Reducing fuel hazards is important - it can make bushfires easier to control, help prevent a bushfire spreading to residential areas, and ultimately save lives and property.