10 top spots to snorkel in South Australia

10 top spots to snorkel in South Australia

SA’s marine parks are full to the brim with great spots to snorkel. Here are 10 places to try on your next visit.

From leafy sea drag­ons to giant Aus­tralian cut­tle­fish, about 85% of the marine life in South Aus­trali­a’s marine parks is found nowhere else in the world.

If your swim­ming skills are on point, grab your snorkel and mask and hit the beach to dis­cov­er our mag­i­cal under­wa­ter world.

Here are our top picks to try in SA:

1. Port Noar­lun­ga – Met­ro­pol­i­tan south

Begin­ners should try snorkelling on the south side of the Port Noar­lun­ga jet­ty. You’ll see hun­dreds of fish includ­ing zebrafish and old wives as well as sea stars.

If you feel con­fi­dent enough to ven­ture out fur­ther – about 400 m – you can enjoy the colour­ful Port Noar­lun­ga Reef.

Loca­tion: Encounter Marine Park

10 top spots to snorkel in South Australia

2. Aldin­ga – Met­ro­pol­i­tan south

Aldin­ga Reef is known as one of the state’s best dive sites, so you know you’re onto a good thing when you snorkel here.

The reef is a breed­ing ground for the harm­less Port Jack­son shark. Dur­ing late win­ter and spring hun­dreds of sharks can be found under ledges rest­ing between mat­ing rituals.

Don’t for­get to build your con­fi­dence and test your snorkel gear at shal­low sites before ven­tur­ing out deeper.

Loca­tion: Encounter Marine Park

10 top spots to snorkel in South Australia

3. Sec­ond Val­ley – Fleurieu Peninsula

You’re spoilt for choice at Sec­ond Val­ley with a jet­ty and 2 bays that are great snorkel spots. You’ll swim past squid, schools of fish and rays, plus you might even spot SA’s icon­ic leafy sea drag­on.

Loca­tion: Encounter Marine Park

4. Tum­by Bay – Eyre Peninsula

The open water off the jet­ty is a per­fect spot for expe­ri­enced snorkel­ers. Keep your eyes peeled for sea­hors­es and cow­fish.

Loca­tion: Sir Joseph Banks Group Marine Park

5. Smooth Pool– Eyre Peninsula

Accord­ing to locals, there is a friend­ly res­i­dent blue grop­er fish in these waters who likes to say hel­lo. Blue grop­ers can live up to 70 years.

Loca­tion: West Coast Bays Marine Park

10 top spots to snorkel in South Australia

6. Cut­tle­fish Coast – Whyalla

Snorkel near Stony Point between May and August and you’ll see the giant Aus­tralian cut­tle­fish spawning.

Loca­tion: Upper Spencer Gulf Marine Park

7. Chinaman’s Hat – Yorke Peninsula

You’ll see eagle rays glid­ing around, as well as south­ern rock lobsters.

Loca­tion: South­ern Spencer Gulf Marine Park

8. Edith­burgh – Yorke Peninsula 

Weird and wild marine life sur­round the Edith­burgh Jet­ty. You’re like­ly to come across bright­ly coloured nudi­branchs, spi­der crabs and octo­pus­es.

If you have the keen­est eyes you might even spot the warty prow­fish.

Loca­tion: Low­er Yorke Penin­su­la Marine Park.

10 top spots to snorkel in South Australia

9. Wool Bay – Yorke Peninsula

The Wool Bay Jet­ty is pos­si­bly the best spot in South Aus­tralia to see the leafy sea drag­on. Dur­ing spring and sum­mer you might even wit­ness their amaz­ing court­ing dance.

Loca­tion: Low­er Yorke Penin­su­la Marine Park

10 top spots to snorkel in South Australia

10. West­ern Riv­er Cove – Kan­ga­roo Island

Head to the reef just east of the beach for a vari­ety of colour­ful reef fish.

Loca­tion: South­ern Spencer Gulf Marine Park

10 top spots to snorkel in South Australia

To guar­an­tee a great snorkel adven­ture, down­load the under­wa­ter guide to plants and ani­mals in South Aus­tralia, avoid windy days and head to the waters around low tide.

If you’re a begin­ner or still build­ing your con­fi­dence why not try a guid­ed tour with Expe­ri­enc­ing Marine Sanc­tu­ar­ies?

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