Venus Bay Conservation Park

Venus Bay Conservation Park

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Free entry
672.97km from Adelaide
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Venus Bay Con­ser­va­tion Park com­pris­es Wey­land Penin­su­la and sev­en islands, and plays an impor­tant role in the recov­ery and rein­tro­duc­tion of rare and endan­gered plants and animals.

Among the rugged cliffs, swamps, man­grove flats, sandy beach­es, and an island tombo­lo (an island that ris­es above the water lev­el but is tied to the main­land by a sand bar), there are per­fect oppor­tu­ni­ties to watch more than 100 bird species while you are explor­ing the park.

Go fish­ing or swim­ming along the sandy beach­es or bring your binoc­u­lars to spot some of the park’s coastal shore­birds or birds of prey. Fur­ther inland you may be lucky enough to see birdlife such as pere­grine fal­cons, sea eagles, rock par­rots and a vari­ety of honeyeaters.

The threat­ened brush-tailed bet­tong and bil­by have been rein­tro­duced into this park.