Telford Scrub Conservation Park

Telford Scrub Conservation Park

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Free entry
420.56km from Adelaide
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Take a walk along the for­est canopy board­walk to expe­ri­ence the remain­ing native for­est with­in Telford Scrub Con­ser­va­tion Park. The board­walk is 100 metres long and just over 4 metres high and is placed amongst the branch­es of the trees, enabling vis­i­tors to catch a glimpse of the many birds that live there.

Inter­pre­ta­tive signs along the walk­ing trails high­light some of the park’s fea­tures, includ­ing more than 20 species of native orchids. Choose between a one-hour walk and a two-and-a-half hour one.

A small clear­ing among the veg­e­ta­tion is an ide­al spot to enjoy a picnic.

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