Pooginook Conservation Park

Pooginook Conservation Park

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Free entry
212.65km from Adelaide
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The dense mallee scrub in the north­ern part of the park pro­vides shel­ter to a range of wildlife, includ­ing kan­ga­roos, echid­nas, hairy-nosed wom­bats, fat-tailed dun­narts and the rare malleefowl. In con­trast, the south­ern sec­tion fea­tures open mallee as the area was once large­ly used for wheat farming.

The park pro­vides good oppor­tu­ni­ties for bird watch­ing. Keep a look out for black-eared min­ers, hon­eyeaters and many oth­er colour­ful mallee birds. Dur­ing spring the park blos­soms, dis­play­ing a vari­ety of colour­ful mallee plants. The park’s camp­ing ground is acces­si­ble to con­ven­tion­al vehi­cles, how­ev­er, some sec­tions of the bound­ary road are only acces­si­ble by 4WD.