Martindale Hall Conservation Park

Martindale Hall Conservation Park

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Free entry
130.08km from Adelaide
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Mar­tin­dale Sta­tion was estab­lished by the Bow­man fam­i­ly as a sheep prop­er­ty. Edmund Bow­man built the Geor­gian-styled Mar­tin­dale Hall in 1879 at a cost of £30,000. How­ev­er, Edmund’s extrav­a­gant lifestyle, com­bined with the 1880s depres­sion and a fall in the price of wool, meant the fam­i­ly was forced to sell the prop­er­ty in 1891.

The prop­er­ty was pur­chased by William Mort­lock and was owned by the Mort­lock fam­i­ly until 1950, when it was bequeathed to the South Aus­tralian Government.

Today, the her­itage-list­ed hall and sur­round­ing land is open to the pub­lic for self-guid­ed tours. It boasts 32 rooms and has a 7‑roomed cellar.

Vis­it the Mar­tin­dale Hall web­site for more information.