Geegeela Conservation Park

Geegeela Conservation Park

Duck Hunting season begins 30 minutes prior to sunrise on Saturday 18 March to 30 minutes after sunset on Sunday 25 June 2023. Please note that during this period you may hear firearms discharging whilst visiting the park. Details

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Free entry
315.47km from Adelaide
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The Geegeela Con­ser­va­tion Park is home to many rare and endan­gered plant and ani­mal species. Sur­round­ed by blue gum and riv­er red gum wood­land, the park pro­vides crit­i­cal habi­tat for the endan­gered south-east­ern red-tailed black cock­a­too and swift par­rot. The wood­land and shrub­land ecosys­tems, that pre­dom­i­nant­ly make up the 858 hectare park, are threat­ened on both state and nation­al levels.

The park is ide­al for bird­watch­ers and pro­vides habi­tat for more than 90 bird species. These include 17 threat­ened species with­in South Aus­tralia and 29 which have an iden­ti­fied con­ser­va­tion rat­ing with­in the south east region. Look out for the vul­ner­a­ble-list­ed birdlife includ­ing the brown quail, lit­tle lori­keet, brol­ga and blue-winged par­rot, and the rare shin­ing bronze-cuck­oo, blue-faced hon­eyeater and flame robin.