Belair National Park – Accessibility Trike free to hire ($0)

Belair National Park

National Parks and Wildlife Service South Australia is partnering with the District Council of Yankalilla and the City of Mitcham Council to provide new opportunities to experience the natural environment for people living with a disability.

Belair National Park is pleased to offer visitors free use of the MT Push, an all-terrain assisted wheelchair. The MT Push will provide inclusive access to a wide variety of terrain, mud, gravel, grass and uneven pathways.

The MT Push is a perfect partnership for both the rider and the assisting person pushing – offering comfort, safety and ease of use. The push handle located behind the rider is where the steering and braking takes place by the rider’s buddy. Mountain bike-style tyres and air suspension provides a comfy ride and hydraulic disc brakes give excellent all-weather control.

You can collect the MT Push from the Belair National Park Information Office from 9:30am every day, with returns due by 4pm.

Please note a hire agreement form will be required to be filled out upon hire as well as providing a copy of a Drivers License or another valid form of identification. Once hired from the Belair National Park Information Office, the MT Push is only to be used within Belair National Park.

This has been made possible through the Opening the Door to Nature project which is funded by the Australia Government Department of Social Services and also forms part of a University of South Australia research project which aims to evaluate the impact the use of all-terrain trikes has on users. Your participation in this project through the completion of a pre and post use survey will be greatly appreciated.