Lincoln National Park, Coffin Bay National Park and Memory Cove Wilderness Protection Area

Published: 07 February 2024

Vis­i­tors should be aware that intro­duced Euro­pean hon­ey bees may be present with­in this park. Take extra care in the warmer months, from spring through to autumn, when the bees swarm and are attract­ed to water sources.

You can help reduce the risk of bee stings by care­ful­ly man­ag­ing attrac­tants, such as food, drink­ing con­tain­ers and oth­er sources of mois­ture, such as dish­wa­ter and wet clothing.

Long cloth­ing, enclosed foot wear and insect repel­lents can also help to pro­tect from bee stings. If you have any aller­gies to bee stings, ensure you car­ry appro­pri­ate medication.