Conservation dividend

When it comes to enabling SA’s natural places to cater for nature-based tourism, conserving the environment comes first.

Our nature-based tourism approach aims to conserve and enhance the local environment and heritage. It also encourages people to look after the natural and cultural values that attract them to the region.

In developing new experiences, operators will need to contribute to conservation programs such as restoring habitats, revegetation and rewilding projects.

Through such partnerships, the use and enjoyment of our natural places will be increased, and revenue generated will be reinvested into critical conservation programs

New nature-based tourism experiences will create opportunities for visitors to develop a sense of personal connection that will see them become life-long supporters and advocates of nature and heritage conservation.

To learn more read the guiding principles (PDF), the Friends of Parks South Australia Engagement Charter (PDF) and see the how the first grant recipients are delivering their conservation dividend.