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Belair National Park Opportunities

Expressions of Interest for Belair Golf Course and Country Club now closed

Businesses, non-government organisations and community groups were invited to submit their Expressions of Interest proposal for the Belair Golf Course and Country Club site by 15 November 2018. 

Proposals received through the expression of interest process are now being reviewed by the Department for Environment and Water against evaluation criteria that have been shaped by community values, legal requirements and government priorities.

These criteria include that proposals must:

  • align with site objectives, including conserving natural and historical features, meeting community expectations and enhancing park visitor enjoyment and wellbeing
  • outline how the enterprise will collaborate with, or complement Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges’ work, government priorities, Aboriginal businesses and values, and other local businesses, interest groups and volunteers
  • be financially viable. 

It is expected that a preferred proposal or proposals will be selected in early 2019.

For more information about the EOI process and selection criteria, view the Expression of Interest document.

For more information about doing business in our parks, read Doing business in parks - frequently asked questions.

About the Belair Golf Course and Country Club opportunity

The recent return of Belair Golf Course and Country Club to the Department for Environment and Water provides a unique opportunity to shape the site’s future as part of Belair National Park.

The site covers more than 50 hectares in the western portion of the park and includes the function centre, club rooms, workshop and gazebo.

Belair National Park is South Australia’s oldest national park and attracts around 500,000 visitors each year.

The park offers a variety of activities and facilities such as walking, horse riding and mountain biking, tennis courts and cricket pitches, picnic facilities, State Flora, and the heritage listed iconic Victorian residence, Old Government House. It is also home to a range of native plants and animals.

Community input into the Expressions of Interest

To ensure plans for the site meet the needs of the community, as well as the environment and South Australian Government, the community was asked what they value about Belair National Park and what should be considered in deciding future uses for the site.

Community, business and environmental organisations were invited to share their views at focus groups, meetings and online to help shape the Expression of Interest requirements for the site. 

Feedback consistently highlighted that the community:

  • value the site’s natural setting
  • enjoy access to the site, including the network of trails
  • favour a range of activities on the site rather than a single use
  • support commercial activities on the site, including accommodation, hospitality, tourism and recreational opportunities
  • support the site becoming a hub for arts, events, cultural and recreational activities.

The Kaurna community have a very strong cultural connection with the region and are keen for future uses to support this connection, such as cultural tourism opportunities at the site. 

As a result of community feedback, Expressions of Interest criteria align with their expectations that future site uses will:

  • improve community access, appreciation and enjoyment of the park
  • help meet a community need
  • minimise environmental impact and achieve high standards of environmental conservation.

The community did not support land sale or long-term accommodation on the site, so these options are not considered for future uses.

View the community feedback report for more details about what we heard.

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