Part closure of Ngarkat Conservation Park

Published: 15 March 2023

Ngarkat Con­ser­va­tion Park (west­ern side of high­way and SE cor­ner of Ngarkat) will be par­tial­ly closed in the inter­est of pub­lic safe­ty while an Aer­i­al Pest Con­trol Pro­gram is con­duct­ed from 29 March until 1 April 2023.

Aer­i­al shoot is being con­duct­ed as part of a wider con­trol pro­gram with the Lime­stone Coast Land­scape Board. 

Camp­grounds Box Flat, Bucks Camp, Rab­bit Island Soak, Dog­gers Hut, Comet Bore will be closed. 

Camp­grounds Pine Hut Soak, Nanams Well, Cox Wind­mill and Per­ten­di Hut will remain open. 

A buffer of 500m will be placed along Bor­der Track as this track will remain open dur­ing the operation.