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Environmental Watering at Katarapko

Please be aware we are carrying out a floodplain environmental watering event at Katarapko from 7th September till mid-December, this includes temporarily raising water levels at Lock 4.

Operation of the new environmental regulating structures at the Katarapko floodplain will be undertaken during this time so please careful and patient when visiting as there may be cranes and machinery working on structures and blocking banks.

We ask all visitors when accessing the park to keep an eye out for appropriate signage to guide you on your visit as you may notice water on tracks and at campsites. 

Conditions within the creeks will vary with water speed, depth and size where the water is on the floodplain. Care should be taken when driving, boating or canoeing.

For any enquiries relating to the floodplain environmental watering event at Katarapko please contact Engagement Officer Ellee Eleftheriadis on

For information on camping and roads please contact the Berri Office on 8580 1800 or email