Murray River National Park

Published: 19 May 2023

Mur­ray Riv­er Nation­al Park is par­tial­ly opened. Camp­ing is per­mit­ted in select­ed camp­sites. Please ensure you have a book­ing pri­or to arriv­ing at the park as camp­sites are lim­it­ed.

No Book­ing = No Camp­ing. Camp­ing in closed camp­sites or in areas out­side of des­ig­nat­ed camp­sites will not be tol­er­at­ed. This includes access­ing any of these closed sites by boat. Penal­ties apply.



- Camp­sites 36 to 44
- Kai Kai Nature Trail and Crag­gs Hut Walk­ing Trail,
- ONLYOPENENTRY — Katara­p­ko Creek entrance from Katara­p­ko Cres­cent,
- Crag­gs Road from the entrance to camp­sites 42 – 44, and Mallee Track,
- Access also to boat launch and car park areas along Crag­gs Road.


- Lock 4 entrance, Drap­er Rd, and
- Lock 4 Road and Katara­p­ko Way
- Eck­ert Creek entrance, Log Cross­ing track
- bot­tom end of Crag­gs Road,
- Ngak Indau Wet­land Trail
- all bike trails

Katara­p­ko Camp­ground Map

Katara­p­ko — North Camp­ground Map


- camp­sites 1 — 4 to 22 (new num­ber­ing)
- Main entrance (near fer­ry) and Dish­ers Creek entrance (Old Sturt High­way oppo­site Speedway)

Lyrup Flats Camp­ground Map

- tracks in and around camp­sites 23 to 38


- vehi­cle access now per­mit­ted
- Day Vis­it only, strict­ly no camp­ing


- vehi­cle access to Goat Island


- Strict­ly No access


- Strict­ly No access

Some access roads, inter­nal tracks and camp­sites remain closed due to dam­age from flood­ing (refer to map). Rangers and Field staff are work­ing tire­less­ly to reopen these areas as soon as pos­si­ble.

Use­ful Infor­ma­tion:

- bring your own fire wood
- please remain on open roads and tracks only. It is an offence to dri­ve off-track or on closed roads
- please take your rub­bish with you
- for Park relat­ed issues such as unruly behav­ior by oth­ers please call the Duty Ranger on Phone: 0417192 335

For fur­ther infor­ma­tion please con­tact the Berri Region­al Office on 8595 2111 or email RMOnlineBookings@​sa.​gov.​au