Full closure of Mount Remarkable National Park, Wapma Thura - Southern Flinders Ranges National Park, The Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park and Mount Brown Conservation Park.

Published: 24 February 2023

Mount Remark­able Nation­al Park, Wap­ma Thu­ra — South­ern Flinders Ranges Nation­al Park, The Dutch­mans Stern Con­ser­va­tion Park and Mount Brown Con­ser­va­tion Park will be closed from 6pm Tues­day 21 March until 6pm Sat­ur­day 25 March to ensure pub­lic safe­ty dur­ing a pest con­trol operation.

The below campgrounds/​accommodation will also be closed:

- Mam­bray Creek Campground

- Mam­bray Creek Cabin

- Baroo­ta Ruins Campground

- Alli­ga­tor Lodge

- The Dutch­mans Stern Homestead

- The Dutch­mans Stern Shear­er’s Quarters