Part closure of Coorong National Park

Published: 28 September 2022

Part of the Coorong Nation­al Park will be closed from 6.00pm on Mon­day 17th Octo­ber 2022 until 6.00am Fri­day 21st Octo­ber 2022,for pub­lic safe­ty while a pest ani­mal con­trol pro­gram is car­ried out. The clo­sure applies from an east-west line from Parn­ka Point (S 355440.7” E 1392342.9”) to the south­ern bound­ary of the Coorong Nation­al Park (S 363211.5” E 1394933.2”).

Areas affect­ed dur­ing the clo­sure include:

  • 28 Mile Crossing
  • 32 Mile Crossing 
  • 42 Mile Crossing 
  • Chi­na­man Well His­toric Walk 
  • Coorong Ocean Beach 
  • Lakes Nature Trail
  • Loop Road
  • Ngrugie Ngop­pun Walk
  • Nukan Kun­gan Hike
  • Salt Creek outlet 
  • Tea Tree Crossing 
  • Wreck Cross­ing
  • Younghus­band Penin­su­la south of Parn­ka Point
  • No vehi­cles will be allowed Ocean Beach access or egress via the south­ern park bound­ary or cross­ings along the Old Coorong and Loop Roads

Camp­grounds affect­ed dur­ing the clo­sure include:

  • 28 Mile Cross­ing Campground 
  • 42 Mile Cross­ing Campground
  • Boat­ing based camp­ing (Coorong Lagoon) 
  • Loop Road, Car­a­van Sites 
  • Loop Road, Hood­ed Plover Campground 
  • Loop Road, Malleefowl Campground 
  • Loop Road, Sand­piper Campground 
  • Non-vehi­cle based camp­ing (Hike, bike or canoe) 
  • Ocean Beach Camping
  • Tea Tree Cross­ing Campground 
  • Tea Tree Cross­ing, Oys­ter­catch­er Campground 
  • Wreck Cross­ing Campground

The fol­low­ing areas will remain open to pub­lic access:

  • Coorong North­ern and South­ern Lagoons 
  • Jack Point
  • Kar­too Road 
  • Long Point
  • Mark Point
  • Old Coorong Road (through traf­fic only) 
  • Parn­ka Point
  • Pel­i­can point
  • Police­man Point 
  • Pot­ters Scrub 
  • Sev­en Mile Road 
  • Stony Well
  • Woods Well
  • Younghus­band Penin­su­la north of Parn­ka Point 

The fol­low­ing camp­grounds will remain open to pub­lic access:

  • Bark­er Knoll Campground 
  • God­freys Land­ing Campground 
  • Kar­too Road Campsites 
  • Long Point Campground 
  • Mark Point Campground 
  • Sev­en Mile Road Campground
  • Parn­ka Point, Avo­cet Campground
  • Parn­ka Point, Pel­i­can Campground