Campground closure at Chowilla Game Reserve

Published: 29 July 2022

Envi­ron­men­tal water­ing has now com­menced at Chow­illa Game Reserve. Camp­sites 1 – 8 and Lit­tle Gums have been closed due to high water across access tracks and flood­ing in some camp­sites. Oth­er camp­sites cur­rent­ly closed due to high water include 9, 10, 13, 15 – 18, 21, 22, 24 – 29, 30 – 34. Camp­sites are expect­ed to com­mence reopen­ing from mid-Octo­ber to mid-Novem­ber 2022, how­ev­er this may change. Updates will be pro­vid­ed as the project pro­gress­es. If you have a book­ing, please con­tact the Berri Region­al Office on 85952111 or email DEW.​RMonlinebookings@​sa.​gov.​au to request a refund or rebook for anoth­er time.

Here is a map of the area for the closure.