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Campground closures in Innamincka Regional Reserve closed due to flood damage


Updated: 18 September 2020

Innamincka Regional Reserve has had two large flood events so far this year resulting in significant damage to tracks and campgrounds.  Where tracks are open please observe caution at washouts, creek crossings and where water is ponded on the track.  Please remain on tracks at all times.

Current road status: 

  • Coongie Track to Kudremitchie Outstation: Closed due to rain

  • Coongie Track Kudremitchie to Malkumba-Coongie Lakes National Park –Closed due to rain

  • Malkumba-Coongie Lakes National Park - Closed due to flooding

  • 15 Mile Track– Closed due to rain

  • Cullyamurra Waterhole – Closed due to flood damage

  • Burke’s Grave – Closed due to rain

  • Queerbidie – Closed due to rain 

  • Policemans – Closed due to flood damage

  • Kings Marker – Closed due to flood damage

  • Ski Beach Campground – Closed due to rain

  • Wills Grave – Closed due to flood damage

  • Minke Waterhole Campground – Closed due to flood damage

  • Old Strzelecki Track (on Innamincka Regional Reserve only) – Closed due to rain

  • Bore Track North – Closed due to rain

  • Bore Track South – Closed until further notice

  • Walker Crossing PAR – Closed due to rain


For further information about travel in SA's Desert Parks, please refer to the Desert Parks Bulletin.

For information about outback road closures, visit the Department of Planning. Transport and Infrastructure - Outback Road Warnings website.