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Hard ground within Para Wirra Conservation Park campgrounds

Due to the unseasonably dry conditions, the ground within Wirra and Helipad campgrounds has compacted and become quite hard. 

Light weight tent pegs which are packaged with tents tend to bend, break and don’t last. There are different types of tent pegs which can be purchased from camping and outdoor stores to accommodate different ground conditions for example hard ground or sand.

Make sure you take a hammer or mallet for securing tent pegs, don’t rely on pushing them into the ground with your hand or a rock.  A Wak Jak is a great tool many camping stores sell. It’s a hammer, but it is also able to pull the tent peg out of the hard ground. A small portable drill which is able to pre-drill the holes before hammering the tent pegs into the ground can help.

For further information contact:

Gawler Natural Resources Centre
Phone: 08 8115 4600