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Duck hunting open season in Tolderol Game Reserve

The 2019 South Australian open season for duck hunting will commence 15 minutes before sunrise on on Saturday 16 March 2019 and end 30 minutes after sunset on Sunday 30 June 2019.

Tolderol Game Reserve is available for duck hunting during the 2019 open season. Please be aware that you may hear noise associated with hunting activities throughout the duration of the open season.

The open season applies to the whole reserve, subject to the following exclusions:

  • the area of Tolderol Game Reserve being the land and water west of a line commencing at E 332052, N 6084977, south to E 332014, N 6083738.

View a map of Tolderol Game Reserve indicating the areas where open season hunting can occur.

Click for further information about 2019 duck hunting open season or contact:

Fauna Permits Unit
Phone (08) 8124 4972

Natural Resources Murray Bridge
Phone (08) 8532 9100