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Part closure of Katarapko section of Murray River National Park

Multiple campsites and roads within the Katarapko section of Murray River National Park will be closed from Tuesday 29 January 2019 until the end of May 2020.

This includes the following campsites:

  • Lock 4 Section, campsites 7– 13 and Sawmill Campground
  • Eckerts Creek Section, campsites 14 – 20 (all)
  • Katarapko Creek Section, campsites 2 – 17

Please be aware that heavy construction vehicles will also be in operation during this period.

See Katarapko Temporary closures map

The reason for the closure is to construct the infrastructure for the Katarapko Floodplain Inundation Project. The project aims to improve floodplain and wetland health, better manage water cycles and improve the health and condition of the vegetation and ecology.

We will be installing new regulators across the floodplain which will allow us to inundate over 1,100 hectares. By flooding more regularly we will build resilience so our environment is more able to cope with changes to climate and drought.

For more information please contact:

Natural Resources Centre - Berri
2 Wade Street, Berri, SA, 5343
Ph: 08 8580 1800
Fax: 08 8582 4488
Monday-Friday - 9am-5pm